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A stash of essential oils and a good diffuser can really set the mood in your home. Whether you want to relax, focus, or have more energy and joy, there’s a blend for that. But if the diffuser clogs, drips, or is awkward to use, chances are, it will just collect dust on the shelf and quietly shame you for the zenless air in your home.

Butow are you supposed to find the right one without spending frustrating time and money? That's where Reviewed comes in. We tested eight of the most popular diffusers and recommended our favorites to find products that are easy to use and work well but won’t completely blow your oils budget. 

Smell that? That's peace of mind, money in your wallet and some wonderful essential oil scents as well.

The InnoGear diffuser was by far our favorite combination of thoughtful features and low price. The 150ml capacity means this diffuser can run continuously for seven to nine hours, or nine to 11 hours on intermittent mode. The water reservoir has a clearly-marked “max” line, but this diffuser also comes with a handy measuring cup so we could easily pour in the exact amount of water.

Another thing we loved about the InnoGear was that the top locks onto the base instead of just lifting off like most of the other models. The locking feature made it easier for us to take it from room to room without spilling the water and oils inside. The buttons on the front discreetly but clearly indicate which is for the light, and which is for the mist. No need to consult the manual.

The built-in light can rotate through colors or stay on the one you select. You can even run it as just a light without the mist, which is a feature we didn’t find in any of the other diffusers except the URPOWER (which is pretty much the same diffuser, but in a smaller size).

The InnoGear had everything we were looking for in a diffuser and at a low price. There are prettier diffusers out there, but the neutral look, helpful features, and price point convinced us that it’s the best overall diffuser on the market right now.

The Raindrop 2.0 is waterless, so there’s no measuring required, and there’s no messing with water-to-oil ratio. Just fill the bottom with 10 to 20 drops of essential oil and turn it on. This diffuser filled the room with aroma very quickly, and at full blast would be great in larger rooms and open floor plans.

The Raindrop is also very pretty. True to its name, the wood base and glass bottle combine to make an elegant droplet shape that looks more like art than a diffuser. The color-changing light isn’t especially bright, and can’t be paused on any particular color, but it actually looks best without it on.

The glass bottle looks delicate yet feels very sturdy seated in the wooden base, and the bottom is covered in a rubbery material to keep it stable. Cleaning is slightly more work than with a regular diffuser, but it’s not a big deal. A few drops of rubbing alcohol diffused for five to 10 minutes and it’s back to being clear and spotless.

DoTerra’s Petal diffuser was one of our favorites for its large capacity and ease of use. A bright red water level marker makes it easy to keep from overfilling the unit, while mist, light, and time interval buttons on the front are clearly labeled. It is immediately obvious how to use this diffuser and adjust its settings.

The Petal’s design is not obtrusive, and the built-in light emits a soft white glow, though it doesn't give you the opportunity to change colors or use the light without the mist. While it can’t output as much aroma as the Raindrop 2.0 nebulizing diffuser, the scent it diffused lingered as long as any of the other standard diffusers we tested.

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If you’re looking for a diffuser that will blend well with modern, minimalist decor, the Stadler Form Jasmine has you covered. It comes in your choice of black or white, and if it weren’t for the barely-noticeable power and interval buttons on the front, it could be mistaken for a simple bowl. Its diffusing capabilities were about the same as the others we tested except that the mist wasn’t as dense. While that means it took a little longer for the aroma to build up in our test room, it also means that this diffuser can run for many hours longer than other diffusers. On continuous mode, the Jasmine can run for about seven hours. Switch it to interval mode, and it can last for 21 hours. If you’re looking for a small but steady stream of oils, you’ll like the Jasmine.

The SpaRoom PureMist diffuser is a solid diffuser for its price. Several Amazon commenters claim that the diffuser won’t run without the light being on. That would indeed be a problem, especially for those who like to run a diffuser as they sleep. But the unit we tested ran with the light on or off. The PureMist doesn’t have any bells and whistles and the design isn’t as appealing as some others we tested, but the price tag is.

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