Nicolas Zamora works on coasters with help from Zoe Abeyta at Snell Middle School on Thursday. Zamora, along with other campers, will be selling his products today at the Silver City Farmers’ Market(Press Staff Photo byC.P. Thompson)

Today’s Silver City Farmers’ Market will have a few more sellers than usual. Teenagers of Camp Innoventure will sell products they made themselves, hoping to get their money’s worth.

Camp Innoventure is offered by Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University, in partnership with STEAMing Ahead for Success. According to a press release, Camp Innoventure is “a weeklong summer camp focused on inspiring middle school students to create, market and sell their own product.”

The camp was offered in places like Las Cruces, Deming, Alamogordo, Silver City and Bayard. There were 16 kids who attended the Silver City and Bayard camps this past week, said Lydia Hammond, Innoventure deputy director. Camp Innoventure has been in Silver City twice and this is the first time in Bayard. 

Each kid decides what they want to make, and it can be anything except food, Hammond said. They can learn from the internet or get help from other campers, while others bring skills they know from home. The campers receive $25 for supplies, and the products they create will be sold at a local farmers or crafts market. 

On Thursday, campers were working away at La Plata Middle School. There, Dylan Cates, 13, was working on crystal magnets to put on refrigerators, bath salts with ribbons and candles in stained glass. Cates made crystal magnets because he had the necessary materials and it was his mom’s idea — and “it seemed fun.” The magnets will cost $1 or $2, while the bath salts and candles are $5. 

Next to him was Ryan Benavides, 11, who had a phone in one of the phone holders he made. He made those because people are always on their phones and watching shows while eating. The phone holders will go for $9, along with large pottery bowls for $7 and smaller pottery bowls for $5. 

Zoe Abeyta was the leader for the Silver City and Bayard camps. She was helping out the campers on Thursday and told the Daily Press that it is “very interesting to see a variety of products the kids came up with.”

Over at Snell Middle School, more campers were working hard on their products. One of those campers was Mateo Salcido, who was putting wooden pins together that shaped into crosses. He previously bought one from his mother and thought he could make one himself. He hopes to make 10 crosses, which will be spray painted either purple or green, and each will go for $10. Salcido’s other product is rubber band bracelets that will go for 50 cents each. 

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The campers will be at the Silver City Farmers’ Market from 8:30 a.m. to noon today. The market is in the parking lot between the 700 block of North Bullard and the Big Ditch. 

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