The Ring Smart Spotlight is just as the name suggests - it's a spotlight. Specifically, a motion-activated spotlight designed to shine on garages, sheds, above doorways and other little nooks that need a little light. It's quick and easy to install as there are no wires involved, which also means you can install in any area you like where motion can be detected.

The Ring Smart Floodlight is a two-light floodlight perfect for shining a light on your driveway or backyard. It can shine 2000 lumens on whatever area you chose to install it in and it is motion-activated. There is a battery-powered option that can shine 600 lumens, but you'll probably want the wired version for the brighter light.

Both the Ring Smart Spotlight and the Smart Floodlight do the same thing - detect any motion and activate their lights. With an additional accessory, they can alert you at the same time. The difference is in the brightness of the lights and that's where their purpose differs.

The name of the products pretty much sum up what they will do. The Smart Floodlight has two lights that give you brighter illumination for larger areas such as your backyard, driveway or even onto the street. The Smart Spotlight is a smaller light which is ideal for installing above a doorway, a side path along your house or even in a shed or garage. The wired Smart Floodlight shines 2000 lumens. There is a cheaper, battery-powered version which will shine 600 lumens it also makes it more versatile as it allow you to be a bit more flexible on where you install it. However, you'll probably want to opt for the wired option for a security floodlight.

The Smart Spotlight shines 400 lumens. It's smaller size and the fact that it's battery-powered means you can be more flexible in where you install it. Maybe even have a few of them dotted around your home. Both the Smart Spotlight and Smart Floodlight are motion activated, however, if you want to be alerted whenever they are activated you will need to purchase the Ring Bridge, which costs $50.

The Bridge is a hub that connects to the smart lights giving you smart controls where you can adjust the motion detection zones, receive notifications when the lights are activated and it also allows Ring products to connect to each other. All Ring Smart lighting products will need the Bridge to be able to receive notifications and connect to other lights, giving you a connected home security system. You install it indoors and it is powered by a micro-USB cable. If you plan on buying or already own a few Ring products, the Bridge is a recommended purchase.

It is what enables all the different lights and cameras to talk to each and allow you to create the best security system for your home. For example, one of your lights is activated outside your home, you can then have one of your cameras activate automatically to see what's going on, then sound of an alarm if it happens to be an unwanted guest. You only need one Bridge per household.

When it comes to battery life on the Smart Spotlight, Ring have noted on their website that it lasts one year. However, it does depend on the number of times the light is activated throughout the day. In most cases, you won't get a year out of the battery, so you might have to replace them often. The same can be said for the battery-powered Smart Floodlight.

It really depends on exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for a lights to light up your backyard, then you'll want to go for the Smart Floodlight. For smaller areas, the Smart Spotlight is your best bet. Better yet, coupled with the Ring Bridge, you can buy both lights and have them work together. One light can activate the other. If you already own any of the Ring products, then either of these can be bought to expand your security system.

A small and compact unit that shines a spotlight on your doorstep, patio, shed and more. Being battery-powered means you're not limited to where you can install it. The only downside is you could be replacing the battery more often than you'd like.

A floodlight from a trusted brand. Perfect for adding to you're existing security system or if you just want to use a trusted brand name. The bright lights are perfect for illuminating your backyard. You will have additional costs if you want to connect it to the Ring App or other Ring products.

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