New York – Bath accessories lend a dash of fashion to the bathroom counter and fulfill the utilitarian function of holding toothbrushes, soap bars, lotions and cosmetics. Excell is looking to change that equation.

Its new Diatomite collection of hard bath accessories is made of diatomaceous earth, the naturally occurring fossilized remains of single-celled aquatic algae. Diatomite bath mats and accessories absorb water, dry quickly and resist mildew.

“It’s a natural material. You don’t get soap scum in the dish; it doesn’t sit on top. And with the accessories, we can infuse them with scents,” said Akeem Glaze, senior designer for business development.

Diatomite is a material commonly used in swimming pool filters, noted Rosie Iglesias, VP of sales for Excell Home and Glenoit. “The fact that you can speak to it being a real material is important, especially to the Millennial customer. It’s a really fun story to tell.”

Excell is also adding benefits to the lowly tub mat. One new construction is studded with mini magnets, which have been used for healing properties since ancient times. Other tub mats designed to offer grooming benefits include an attached pumice stone, scrub brush or foot scrape. Also new are rubberized-looking lotion pumps as well as new pump designs with broad, flat heads.

“Most accessories tend to be feminine. What’s nice about this group is that it’s more masculine,” said Iglesias.

Balcony Folding

On the fashion side, Excell has developed soft and hard accessories in a variety of themes, including vintage-inspired, Scandinavian-inspired, Botanic Jungle and Chromatism, a novelty group featuring brightly colored fruits and flowers.

The introductions will debut during New York Home Fashions Market next week in Excell’s showroom at 1333 Broadway.

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