Aberdeenshire owner-driver James W Yule has taken delivery of his second Mercedes-Benz Arocs from BLS Truck & Van. The timber haulier acquired the 6x2 2553 tractor unit to replace his first Arocs, which went into service in 2014. 

Primarily working out of the Fetteresso Forest, the operator needs a truck that is tough enough to handle heavy loads in rigorous environments, off surfaced roads. Over the past five years, the Arocs has proven its worth, prompting Yule to purchase a second. 

“The Arocs handles the trails without any problem,” Yule said. “Its high ground clearance means deep ruts and bumps are never a problem, and lifting the rear-axle enables me to gain more traction from the drive-axle should I need it, while improving manoeuvrability for tight turns. 

“The truck is also significantly lighter than a 6x4 tractor, and the resulting increase in payload capacity makes for higher productivity. I’ve considered other options but the Arocs is the only vehicle on the market that’s purpose-built for tough, off-road applications like mine.”

Yule opted for the 12.8-litre OM471LA engine (530hp/2,600Nm) mated with the PowerShift3 automated transmission. The truck is fitted with a tag-axle and features a flat-floored, 2.5m-wide version of the aerodynamic StreamSpace cab, with a top-mounted Kelsa chrome lightbar and beacons, aluminium chequer-plate catwalk, alloy wheels and headlamp protectors.

The trailer features a Hiab Loglift crane with its own cabin for full weather protection. The truck is coupled to a Dennison timber trailer and runs between the forest and local sawmills. 

“Scania is one of the most respected names in the automotive world and I am delighted to be joining the company at this time”, remarked Smith, who in his previous role of commercial director at advertising agency RLA worked alongside Scania for nine years on campaigns in the UK, South Africa and China.

Based at Scania GB HQ in Milton Keynes, Smith will report to MD Martin Hay and takes overall responsibility for the centralised marketing of Scania's products and services and providing marketing support to the company's nationwide dealer network.

China Factory F2000 10 Wheeler Dumper

“Having worked closely with Paul for a number of years, I am confident he will be a perfect fit within our organisation,” said Hay. “The breadth of his experience brings fresh thinking and ideas into the company and will stand us in good stead at a time when the entire automotive world is undergoing rapid and radical change.”

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