It could be the single-biggest golfing purchase we make. So we want it to last and we don’t want it to let us down on the golf course.

Golfstream are one of the largest suppliers of replacement trolley parts, accessories and batteries in the country.

So if there’s anything they don’t know about looking after an electric golf trolley it isn’t worth knowing.

They also make quality trolleys themselves. Their latest addition is the Vision with an anti-glare screen and new easy-fold mechanism.

We spoke to the brand’s managing director Derek Richford to get some tips on how we can keep our trolleys in decent working order and what to do if we find a fault.

“There are a few to be honest! From the rotary switch at the top to bearings in the front wheels, tyres on the main wheels and axle blocks.

“Their first reaction will be to blame the battery but in well over 50% of cases the trolley itself will be the issue.”

“The old story of “a stitch in time saves nine” is true of golf trolleys, don’t leave it until you have a fault, look after it.

“Many people will think nothing of getting their lawn mower serviced each year but all too few do the same with their golf trolley.

“Just playing once a week will put 200 miles onto your trolley, a lawnmower will come out 20 times a year and do no more than 10 miles a year in total!

“Check the axle blocks where the axle passes through the frame, if worn they should be replaced. Check the battery connections and ensure that there is no damage or corrosion.”

“Firstly, make sure it is the battery and not the trolley – if you are unsure swap batteries with a playing partner to prove it.

“If replacing like for like, get your charger checked by your supplier. All golf trolleys can take a lithium battery and I recommend everyone switches over; they are lighter and last many times longer than lead acid.

“Our CaddyCell LiFePO4 batteries are the very best for golf and will last around four times longer than standard lithium so do check what you are buying as many people don’t realise.”

“We are now in our 10th year and during this time our spares requirements haven’t changed a great deal. We are here for the big parts as well as the nuts, bolts, washers and straps.

“You would be amazed how many people will buy a screw pack or a pack of roll pins. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us, we will normally know exactly what you want even if you don’t know what it is called.”

“We’ve taken some of the most annoying aspects of owning an electric golf trolley and tackled them head on.

“The Vision answer is to have a screen that is unaffected by sunlight, can be easily read even when the sun is at its brightest so we are delighted to introduce a new Caddy White screen, similar to the e-readers that are so popular and used in the brightest of sunlight.

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“Secondly, opening and closing a trolley. The Vision has a patented one click open and close mechanism that we believe makes the Vision the easiest electric trolley to set up in the world.

“Add in a sleek, streamline design, small fold down size, light weight and an incredibly competitive price point.”

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