Drywall is a great building material, but it’s relatively easy to damage. Maybe you’re missing a doorstop on one of your rooms and one of your energetic kids has swung a doorknob into the wall, or perhaps you’ve made a nice gash with the corner of a table while moving some furniture around. Regardless of the cause of the damage, repairing a large hole in drywall is an easy task.

This video shows how small holes are handled. You might be familiar with this method. If not, you’ll be glad you checked it out.

This article is short on the details of mudding the joints created by the patch and advocates using mesh tape. I advise against mesh for a couple of reasons- it's very thick, so it requires feathering the mud farther out into the undamaged wall, and its woven texture makes it difficult to get the feathering smooth. I recommend FibaFuse, which can be difficult to find. The Big Orange Box lists it, but rarely has it in stock. It's twice as expensive as paper tape, but well worth it for repairs. If desired, it can be used in most drywall tools.

FibaFuse is a smooth, non-woven glass tape, thinner than even paper tape, so it's easier to feather; often 3-4" outside the joint is sufficient. It's also very permeable, so you don't get bubbles and if you get a dry spot, you can just mash some mud through the tape. Used with hot mud (which is common with repairs) it's supposed be stronger than paper tape. Try it! You'll like it!

Builder Jake Bruton demonstrates trusted window-flashing details for walls with the following water-resistive barriers: Zip System sheathing, exterior rigid-foam insulation, housewrap, peel-and-stick membrane, and fluid-applied WRB.

Thick-wall assemblies offer better comfort and energy efficiency, but installing windows presents a challenge for builders.

Learn how to install metal, vinyl, and paper-faced corner beads so that wall edges are straight, corners are tight, and bubbles are nonexistent.

Installed correctly, this wall covering should last a lifetime and come off easily once it has worn out its welcome.

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