Benefits of Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be deployed in two ways, depending on the company’s priorities. As much as enterprise-based ERP is widely preferred, cloud ERP has advantages, different from the premise-based ERP. Below are some of the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning benefits.

1. Easy ScalingCloud ERP enables you to scale your business conveniently without using too many resources. You neither will fall in the mess of not offering a stiff competition to other companies. When the business gets additional employees, all you will have to do is to scale the ERP package to allow more employees in the company without necessarily having to replace software and hardware like the case in on-premise ERP.

2. More SecureMost people fear for insecurity of their data. Vendors for cloud-based ERP provide security for your data. They are maintained very secure data centers such as Microsoft Azure that keep data in several places to ensure that not even a little data gets lost.

3. Accessibility and FlexibilityStoring your data on the cloud will allow you to easily access your data anytime and at any place. You may use the software while at home or a far-away office, unlike premise-based ERP.

4. Saves MoneyUsing cloud-based ERP saves money compared to ERP on-premise since the company does not have to use money in management of data centers since the simply pay the cloud providers to do it for them. You also will not use money to install hardware for the same purpose.

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