"Anal play can be enjoyable, even orgasmic, for people with vaginas," says Amy Boyajian, CEO and co-founder of Wild Flower, an online innovative sexual wellness and adult store. "There are thousands of sensitive nerve endings concentrated around the opening and the outer part of the rectum." Stimulating this ring (nay, pleasure gold mine) can feel good realll good.

And penetrating the anus can create a sexy feeling of fullness. (There's a reason anal play is having a moment, people!!!) For folks with vulvas, it could even stimulate the the A-spot. (Nope, that's not a typo!) Technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, the A-spot is different than the G-spot. "It's a sensitive area of tissue at the ends of the vaginal canal, between the cervix and the bladder, that can be indirectly stimulated through anal sex to heighten arousal, activate vaginal lubrication, and even spark an orgasm," explains Boyajian.

But, with anal play, you don't want to go from zero to, well, penis or dildo. And that's where anal sex toys come in—they can help you adjust to the sensation of having an often-ignored part of your body touches, teased, and penetrated. (See: How to Prepare for Anal Sex, According to Experts)

Anal toys shouldn't be seen *just* as a stepping stone for full-on penetrative anal sex, because anal sex toys can be the whole game, enjoyable by themselves—or alongside clitoral or nipple stimulation, vaginal penetration, and other feel good touches, says Boyajian. Okurrr?

Friendly reminder: No matter what tool you're using—plug, silicone beads, or your fingers—you must, must, must use lube. So, scroll down, find the expert-recommended anal sex toy that's best for you, then check out our favorite lubes. Ready set, O!

One of the most cost-efficient on the list, the Little Flirt is a great option for folks who aren't sure whether or not they're going to love anal stimulation, but want to try it out in a low-stakes, low-cost way, says Cassandra Corrado, a sex educator with O.school, an online resource for non-judgemental sex and relationship advice. Wipe the bead of sweat off your forehead: Its low cost isn't indicative of its quality—this bugger is made of from 100-percent ultra-premium silicone. (And for post-play: Here's how to clean silicone sex-toy.)

Why is it so beginner friendly? Hold up your pinky real quick. That's about how wide The Flirt is at the top. Yeppp, it's for folks who are the exact opposite of size queens.

If you're an anal sex toy newbie, the Perfect Plug is a good option, says Corrado. Some might even call it the perfect plug for beginners (don't @ me).

Small and unassuming, this diddy has a narrow head for easy entry, and then curves into a wave that helps it stay place while ~other sex things~ happen. (That's why it's also a crowd-pleaser for people looking to experiment with double-penetration.)

High-quality, body-safe glass plugs can be fantastic, says Corrado. Why? "They're very easy to sanitize and their incredibly smooth texture can make for really fascinating sensations during insertion." Glass toys are also usually heavier than their silicone-counterparts, which can create a sensation of fullness. It sounds intense (and it may be too intense for folks who are new to booty play) but it's a fun add-in for couples (and solos!) with some anal sex experience.

Bonus: Crystal Delights may be a smaller company, but everything they make is incredibly high quality and a percentage of profit from the sales of some of their products go to charity. (Related: 3 Women-Owned Vibrator Brands You Should Know About)

Confirmed anal play lovers to the front; this medium-sized cutie vibrates(!). It has not one or two, but three motors and eight different vibration intensities.

"If you just have something in your butt on the same speed it doesn't feel like much after a few minutes," says Alicia Sinclair, a certified sex educator & CEO of b-Vibe, the anal play product company that makes this toy. "So the different speeds allow you to really feel and enjoy the sensation of your sphincter." Plus, this vibrating plug comes with a remote control, so your partner can tease you from across the room. Talk about a fun way to share an otherwise (ahem) internal experience. (Check out history's most memorable vibrators and feel truly amazed by this plug.)

This sleek, 100-percent body-safe and non-porous stainless steel honey is the weighted blanket of butt plugs: It's hefty. "It can basically double as a hand weight," says Corrado. Translation: It's best for folks who are well-versed in the backdoor. "Weighted plugs can also be a great toy for public play, which has the added bonus of feeling forbidden or secretive," says Sinclair.

Oh, and another excellent feature of stainless steel butt plugs is their ability to hold a temperature—meaning you can warm them up or cool them down without damaging the toy #versatile.

A starter pack with plugs of varying sizes is a great way in for folks who are interested in anal penetration and pegging. 

"I love this kit because it comes with three graduated sized plugs, so you start small and work your way up comfortably," says Boyajian. The smallest plug is about the size of a finger or baby carrot, and the tapered tip makes insertion super easy. Plus, it's only $20 bucks and comes in pink. Fun!

With four different size options (numbered one through four), the Snug Plugs all have a small, comfortable stem and flexible base that make them ideal for long-term wear—in private or public. (Yeahhh, buddy.) "The way that the toy is shaped allows it to stay in the body, as opposed to shooting out during play which can be a (pun intended) bummer," says Sinclair. LOL, true!

"If you find the gentle stretch of inserting or removing a toy exciting, try some anal beads," suggests Boyajian. "Anal beads work by repeating the exciting stretching feelings as you progress by either inserting them or removing them." As each bead pops into or out of the body, the anal muscles get a rush of sensation, but then get a chance to chill between beads. Because the beads grow in diameter, you can make the penetration as intense, or not, as you want.

Truth be told, this anal sex toy is girthy—but that's what makes it so appealing to some. "If you're enjoying the feeling of fullness, and want to advance your anal toy play, a slightly larger toy like the Tantus Ringo is a great silicone option with a smooth shape and squishy texture," says Boyajian. The tip is about the thickness of 1.5 fingers and, at its largest point, is 2.2 inches in diameter.

Just remember: silicone-based lubes can degrade the integrity of silicone-based toys over time, so, make sure you use with a water-based lube.

The Prisms Param Glass Plug looks like a sexy, high-quality rhino horn (you know I'm right), and is considered a more adventurous butt plugs. "I love how the double bulbs offer a textured sensation but are still super smooth because of the glass material," says Boyajian. The flared base makes the toy easy to twist while it's inside you so you can hit for your magic button (shout-out A-spot and P-spot orgasms).

316 Stainless Steel Price Per Kg

For something smaller with the same great glass texture, Boyajian recommends the Prisms Devata Glass Butt Plug instead.

Satisfyer is a big name is the pleasure industry (they're responsible for some of the best clit suction toys, after all). So, of course, they have a beginner anal plug kit with three sensual shapes made of pure, silky silicone.

"These act as the perfect dilators for exploring anal sex, and are easy to insert and consist of graduated bulbous shapes which will help expand the external and internal sphincter gently," explains Megwyn White, somatic sensuality guide and director of education at Satisfyer. Also, how cute are these babies? They look like candy!

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