What would happen if you gave a group of winemakers the same grape varietals from one California appellation and asked them each to make a wine? Would they taste the same, or be totally different?

The Livermore Valley Vintners’ Collective plans to find out. The six winemakers — Aaron Luna of Fenestra Winery, Brent Amos of Las Positas Vineyards, Dane Start of Page Mill Winery, Rhonda Wood of Wood Family Vineyards, Steve Burman of 3 Steves Winery and John Marion of Big White House Winery — are looking at the role personality plays in crafting wine.

The parameters were simple. Use 100 percent Livermore Valley grapes — 30-40 percent Merlot and 30-40 percent syrah with no more than 25 percent cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, petit sirah or zinfandel and five percent of any varietal they wanted — to make a blend that showcased the very best of their region.

Barrels? 50 percent new oak. No additives. And the final wines would spend a minimum of six months aging in bottle age before being released…at the same time. We haven’t tasted the first batch but we can tell you they’re showing well: All LVVC wines from the inaugural vintage were entered into the recent San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and all medaled.

Australian Merlot

Taste for yourself. The first vintage, the 2017 LVVC Red Blend, will be released March 13-15. The six wines, priced at $42 each, will be available for tasting and purchase at each LVVC member winery. Buy a bottle and you’ll be given a passport to visit and taste at the other five wineries.

The wines will also be available April 17-19 and May 15-17, with future dates to be determined based on availability.

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